October is crazy good in Cape May; many of us consider it the best month of the year, with peak bird and monarch butterfly migration and weather that's often delightful.  Many out-of-town friends always visit during this month.  October 2021 was no exception, with two big surges of migratory monarchs and plenty of birds, friends, and beautiful days to keep us happy.  These photos just offer a few hints about the splendor of Cape May during this magical month.

October 2021

Roosting monarch butterflies

Red-breasted Nuthatch

October skies can be dramatic.  

Bald Eagle

Swamp Sparrow

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Wood Duck

Hundreds of monarchs cluster together on chilly evenings during the peak of migration; this Yellow-billed Cuckoo overcame the bitter taste and ate a few.

Broad-winged Hawk


Ruby-crowned Kinglet

American Wigeon

Gray Catbird

Left to right: Savannah Sparrow, Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler, Palm Warbler

Gathered together to celebrate the sunset and enduring friendships