March 2021

     In the classic fashion of the month, March 2021 brought us rather dramatic fluctuations of temperatures, and more than the usual amount of rain.  Migrants from the south started to trickle into Cape May, and a few that winter here started to depart.  Again I was out birding and walking every day -- well, there was one day I didn't walk much.  On Sunday, March 21, I spent most of the day out on the ocean, a 12 hour pelagic trip.  It was an indulgence I wouldn't permit myself until I was fully vaccinated.  Here are some photos from my daily walks and from that one day out at sea.

Some days were cloudy and chilly, others were sunny and warm with brilliant blue skies.  March is always like that, isn't it?

Saint Mary's by-the-Sea on a classic, blustery March day.

This landmark building is in poor shape and slated for demolition.

One of March's biggest surprises was this single White-winged Crossbill, left, visiting a bird feeder at Cape May Point.  Snow Buntings, above, rarely show off this nicely.

Many birds seen in March have been around all winter.  Above, left to right: Northern Mockingbird, Song Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, White-throated Sparrow.  Below, left to right:Red-breasted Nuthatch, White-breasted Nuthatch, Hairy Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse.

Three of the birds that typically return in March, l to r:

Eastern Phoebe, Pine Warbler, and Tree Swallow.

Blue-winged Teal return in March.

Green-winged Teal have been here all winter.

Tundra Swans usually depart in March.

Eastern Bluebirds are photogenic whenever you see them.

Above, l to r: Field Sparrow, American Woodcock, Golden-crowned Kinglet.  Below, l to r: American Robin, Common Grackle, Rusty Blackbird.

American Oystercatchers

Red Maple