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As you probably know, Mark Garland is a naturalist who leads lots of field trips and tours (biography here).  While he is now mostly retired, he still plans to lead a few field trips and give a few presentations each year for the foreseeable future.  This website is designed to provide information about upcoming activities along with photo-filled reports of recent field trips.  Currently we are not leading tours for any organizations, just planning and running the occasional trip for private groups.  Get a few friends together if you'd like for us to plan and/or lead a trip for your group.

What this page is about

See photos from a trip to Uganda in early 2020 by clicking here.  Other 2020 trips were cancelled due to the pandemic.

Click here for galleries from these 2019 trips:   Panama, Oregon, Alaska, Costa Rica, West Virginia/Ohio, and even some shots from Cape May.

Previous Trips

Here are some journeys from recent years:

I'm scheduled to lead a session at the National Audubon Society's Hog Island Camp May 28 - June 2, 2023, birding Hog and Monhegan (shown at left) Islands and select spots on the mainland.  Click here for details.


     Like everyone else, I stayed close to home for almost all of 2020.  Fortunately home is Cape May, and I always took my camera along on my daily walks.  Enjoy the cycle of a year in Cape May through photographs here.

To see the list of birds in Mark's program, "101 Great Birds from Around the World," click here.


     I did it again in 2021!  To see highlights from Cape May in 2021, month by month, please click here.

To see the list of wildflowers in Mark's program, "Wildflowers of Washington's Olympic Mountains," click here.

Mark has been giving presentations to various groups via Zoom.  Reference material for two such talks may be accessed below:

Mark will be guiding and speaking at the 2023 New River Birding and Nature Festival, May 1 - 6, 2023. Click here for details.

We managed to run two private trips in 2021, in August to Costa Rica (left) and in September to Yellowstone and vacinity (right); click for photos.


     We are looking into a possible return to Africa in early 2024.  In late December we will send out questions to all who are possibly interested to help us decide on destination and timing.  Interested? Send a message to:

View from the tower at Tranquilo Bay Lodge, in Panama, the centerpiece of the upcoming trip to Panama.