January - March, 2020

I was out of the country from Jan. 15 through Feb. 10 (see photos from my Uganda trip here), and again in early March, just before the COVID-19 restrictions began.  That left a number of days for enjoying the delights of Cape May as winter gave way to spring.  Here are a few highlights.

Red maple

Sunrise over the Cape May beach, Jan. 1, 2020

Northern Mockingbird

Redhead, Cape May Point State Park

Ash-throated Flycatcher, a very unusual winter visitor

Young white-tailed deer buck

Western Kingbird, also unexpected in winter

Golden-crowned Kinglet

March full moon rising over the beach in Cape May

Hazy afternoon sun over the South Cape May Meadows

Bonaparte's Gull

American Oystercatchers


Red-headed Woodpecker

House Finch


Left to right: swamp forest at the Rea Farm, trail at the South Cape May Meadows, river birches