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Thanks for visiting the site.  As you probably know, Mark is a naturalist who leads lots of field trips and tours.  This website includes information about upcoming activities along with photo-filled reports of recent field trips.  Please visit often and see what you find, and by all means please send your e-mail comments: click here.


Upcoming trips

    Olympic Peninsula, July or Aug. 2017: Olympic17

    Hog Island, Maine, Sept. 2017: Hog Island

    Monarchs in Mexico: details coming soon here

    Regional field trips: Local

Recent trips

    Uganda, November 2016: Uganda16

    Netherlands, April 2016: Tulips16

    Zambia, April 2016: Zambia16 

    Botswana, April 2016: Botswana16

    South Africa, April 2, 2016: SouthAfrica16

    Costa Rica, February 2016: CostaRica16

    Panama, February 2016: Panama16

    South Florida, January 2016: SouthFlorida16

    Let us know where you’d like to go!   

Earlier Trips - Grouped by Year










Or see trips grouped by destination here.

Noteworthy sightings close to home, by year:

       Cape May


World Series of Birding

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    From Nov. 2012 to Feb. 2014 I posted

    a few entries into a blog that’s found: here.

Photos of an innovative low-impact fisheries

    restoration project in Idaho: here

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